Ailments and Anatomy

While on your travels, we hope you stay well. However, illness is abound and eventually something may ails you. Should you find yourself enfeeble (weakened) or dicky (feeling sick), you may need to identify specific climatures of your corse. We at the B.E. Liner wish you a festinate convalescent (recovery from the illness).

Please let us know if you have found yourself amid an epidemic (any illness which spreads quickly and affects a lot of people) so we may avoid docking there for a period of time.


Ague: any fever, such as malaria, that recurs at regular intervals

All-overish: neither sick nor well; the premonitory symptoms of illness

Black death: the plague, a virulent contagious bacteria often found in rats. Humans can get the disease from fleas.

Black water fever: a type of African malaria that causes anemia and brown or black urine due to the destruction of red blood cells.

Blue devils: blues, low spirits, horror struck

Bronchitis: a disease causing coughing and problems with breathing.

Burst her stay-lace: a sudden bust-heaving feminine indignation, which might even literally, and certainly does figuratively, bring about this catastrophe

Catarrh: An inflammation of the nose and air passages that produces drainage

Chat: a louse (a singular of Lice)

Chats: lice

Chilblains: an itchy swelling to parts of face, feet, finger and toes caused by exposure to cold and damp

Cholera: a disease causing sickness. Many Victorians died from cholera

Consumption: pulmonary tuberculosis or any other wasting-away disease that “consumed” its victims

Diphtheria: an infection caused by germs in the throat, causing difficulty in breathing and a fever.

Dyspepsia: indigestion

Enteric fever: Typhoid fever

Fever: any illness which causes a very high temperature.

Fever-stricken: suffering from fever

Glue: the lady's fever, venereal disease

Got the Morbs: temporary melancholy

Grippe: influenza (from French, seizure)

The Pock: smallpox

Typhoid: An illness caused by drinking dirty water (contaminated by sewage) and which can spread quickly and affect a lot of people.

Whooping Cough: a disease that affects breathing and causes heavy coughing.

Yellow jack: Yellow fever

Healing Tools

Arm props: crutches

Bath-chair: a wheelchair for people who are ill or who can't walk very well, usually pushed by an attendant

Cholera belt: a body wrapping of flannel worn to supposedly prevent cholera

Douche: a medical treatment using a jet or stream of water aimed at part or all of the body


Airs (& graces): faces

Ass: your backside

Bacca-pipes: whiskers curled in small, close ringlets. 

Barnet (fair): hair

Bazoo: mouth

Becca-pipes: whiskers curled in small, close ringlets

BellEnd: penis

Bellows: the lungs

Bilk: chest

Boko/Bowspirit: nose

Bonce: head

Bone box: the mouth

Box o'dominos: mouth and teeth

Box of ivory: the teeth

Bread basket: the stomach

Bunce of fives: the closed hand, the fist

Cat-heads: a woman’s breasts

Chaffer: the mouth

Chivvy: face

Claret: blood

Colguarian: the neck

Conk: the nose 

Core: the heart

Cork Norter: the nose

Corpus: the body

Daddle: the hand

Daylights: the eyes

Dew-beaters: the feet

Dial: face

Dobber: penis

Drumsticks: legs

Fams/fambles: hands

Fanny: vagina (used more commonly for her butt)

Fiery snorter: a red nose

Fin: arm

Fives: the fingers

Flankey: bum, behind

Follow-me-lads: curls hanging over a lady’s shoulder.

Forks: fore and middle fingers

Glims: peepers, eyes

Goggles: the eyes

Haslet: liver, maybe other organs also

Hearing cheats: ears

Jug Loops: locks of hair brought over the temples and curled

Miss (lady) Laycock, Miss: vagina

Nancy: buttocks

Nebuchadnezzar: penis

Newgate knockers: heavily greased side whiskers curling back to or over the ears

Snorter/Snuffle: the nose

Strawberry Creams: breasts

Stumps: the feet or legs

Swallow: the throat

Tater trap: the mummer, mouth

Terrier Crop: short, bristly haircut

Throttle: throat

Title-page: the face

Toddlers/trotters: legs

Todger: penis

Tolobon: the tongue 

Tombstones: teeth 

Tool: penis

Transporter: the mouth

Tuppeny  (Tuppeny Loaf): head 

Twigs & Berries: genitalia

Twinklers: the eyes

Velvet: the tongue

Victualling office: the stomach or paunch

Wattles: the ears

Whiskers: mustache

Wiggen: the neck

Willy: penis

Bodily Functions

Bellowser: a blow in the ” wind,” or pit of the stomach, taking one’s breath away.

Biggie: what a child calls his poo

Bogey: booger

Crusty dragon: really crisp booger

Vapors: a Victorian belief that emanations from bodily organs (such as the stomach) could affect the physical and mental condition of people, especially women