On they journey you are certain to run into a wide variety of personalities. Each individual with his/her own adventure stories to share. Who you meet will depend on where you go and how long you choose to stay. However, there tends to be some stereotypes that you are more likely to meet no matter where you stop.

Be wise about who you associate with, some belong together and others do not. Different eras. Different locations. Unfortunately not all fit into perfect categories. Be selective. 'Tis thy reputation after all.

Anachronaut: a person who enjoys speaking or behaving in anachronistic fashion, speaks in ye old style, wears out of style clothing, using old technology

Audiotorian: creative person who works in the field of steampunk music and sound


Abbess: female brother keeper, a madam

Academician: a scholar at an academy

Ack pirates: fresh water thieves who steal on navigable rivers

Ack ruffians: rogues who conjunction with watermen sometimes rob and murder on the water

Adam tiler: a receiver of stolen goods

Adam: a henchman/accomplice

Adoxography: a person skilled at writing about unimportant subjects, as in out-of-print pamphlets

Alienist: a physician specializing in treating mental disorders

Amen curler: a perish clerk

Angling cove: a receiver of stolen goods

Anonymuncle: a petty anonymous writer

Arctician: on skilled in navigating arctic regions

Astronomer: a star-gazer

Autem bawler: a preachers, a parson

Autem divers: pickpockets who practice in churches or churchwardens and overseers of the poor who defraud, deceive, and impose on the parish

Autem gogglers: conjurers, fortune tellers

Bawd: a procuress, a woman that keeps a brothel

Bene fakers: counterfeiters

Bene of gibes: counterfeiters of passes

Big bug: important person, official,  boss

Bindog: a bum-bailiff

Bingo boy: a male dram drinker

Bingo mort: a female dram drinker

Bit cull: coiner

Bit Faker: a counterfeiter of coins

Black box or knob: lawyer

Black boy: clergyman

Black spy: informer

Blower: informer (side note: become a disrespectful term for a slut)

Broomsquire: professional broom maker

Bruiser: boxer

Buffer napper: dog stealer

Buggeaboes: sheriff's officers

Bunko artist: con man

Buster: burglar

Buz/Buzman: pickpocket

Catapole: bailiff

Charley: watchman

Cierone: sightseeing guide

Clockey: watchman

Coiner: a coin counterfeiter

Convenient: mistress

Cop/Copper: policeman

Cracksman: safeckracker, burglar

Craping curl: executioner

Crimp: kidnapper/decoyer

Crow: lookout 2)doctor

Crusher: policeman

Cucumbers: tailors

Dinger/Dipper: pickpocket

Doughey: baker

Escop (Esclop, Eslop): policeman

Fag: pick-pocket 

Farmer: an alderman

Feint/Feret: pawnbroker

Ferryman, ferrywoman: A person who operates a boat to take fare-paying passengers across a river, or across the sea to an island.

Filcher: a thief

Harman: a constable 

Harness: watchmen, constables police officers


Snidesman: coiner of counterfeit

Society journalist: A contributor to the Society Journal

Speeler: cheat or a gambler 

Straw chipper: a straw bonnet maker

Strummer faker: hair dresser

Strumpet: whore

Subaltern: a junior officer in the British army, just below lieutenant

Swaddy: soldier

Sky pirate

Time-traveling sky pirate

Toolers: pickpockets

Topping cove: hangman

Tosser: idiot

Wondering street urchin

Welsher: informer

White buzmen: pickpockets

General terms - some of endearment and some not

A basket of oranges: a pretty woman

A plant: a person marked for plunder

Admiral of the red: a person whose very red face evinces a fondness for strong potations

Ambidexter: someone who is two-faced

Anorak: a person weirdly interested in something

Artful dodger: lodger

Artificer: a tradesman

Aunt: a bawd (prostitute), sometimes called mother

BABES in wool: rogues in the stocks or pillory

Badge coves: parish pensioners

Badger: forestallers, and murderer

Ball o'wax: a snob or shoemaker

Bantling: a young child

Barber's clerks: conceited, ignorant shop-boys

Bark: an Irishman

Barker: a salesman's servant, a prowler to pick up country-men in the streets

Battered bully: an old gloak, well milled huffing fellow

Beak queer: a magistrate that is particularly strict to his duty

Beak-hunting: poultry stealer

Beak out on the nose: magistrates out on a search night

Bean leader: a travelling tutor

Bearer up: person that robs men who have been decoyed by a woman accomplish

Bellows to mend: a person out of breath

Bene cove: hearty fellow, a tramp

Big'uns: men of consequence

Bird: woman

Bit of muslin: a flame, a sweetheart

Blab: a prating stupid fellow, a fool

Blackeart: bastard

Blackleg: a person who will work contrary to a strike, fellows who lay wages/professed gambler

Blatteroron: a person who will not stop talking, senseless blabber or boaster

Black mot: a fair girl

Bleats: a sheep stealer

Bleeder: a crammer, a lie

Blister: sister

Bloke: a man/fellow

Blowhead: braggart, bully

Bludger: violent criminal, apt at using a bludgeon

Blue Bottle: policeman

Blue jacket: British sailor

Blue pigeon filers/flyers: thieves who steal lead from the tops of houses and churches

Bluffer: impudent imposing fellow of an inn-keeper

Blunderbuss: stupid ignorant fellow

Boarder: person paying rent for a room/bed and meals in somebody else's house

Bobtail: a lewd woman

Body snatcher: bailiffs, police officers

Bogey: old Nick, the devil

Boman: well-dressed criminal

Bonnet: covert assistant to a sharp

Boss: best, top, master of chief person in a factory/shop

Bottle of water: daughter

Bouncer: one who steals from the shopkeeper while pretending to effect an honest purchase

Bravoes: bullies

Briket beater: Roman Catholic

Broadman: card sharper

Buck cabbie: a dishonest cab driver

Buck: dandy, smartly dressed or handsome individual

Buffer: old man, codger, perjurer

Bug Hunters: midnight prowlers who rob drunken men

Bulk: fellow that attends a pickpocket, receiver of stolen goods

Bully rocks: impudent villains kept to preserve order in houses of ill fame

Bully trap: brave man with mild or effeminate appearance, by whom the bullies are frequently taken in 2) pretended constables called to frighten the unwary and extort money

Bully: cowardly blustering fellow, pretended husband to a bawd or prostitute

Bour: woman

Burning the ken: vagabonds residing in an alehouse and leaving it without paying the reckoning

Buttock and file: pickpocket

Buttoner: cheater of games, entices dupes

Bye-blow: bastard

Cadger: beggar, mean sort of thief

Cake: easy stupid fellow

Can: barman

Canary bird: inmate of a prison

Canter gloak: parson, liar

Canticle: parish clerk

Canting crew: impostors who go about preaching, Methodists

Caper merchant: dancing master

Captain flashman: blustering fellow, coward

Captain queer nabs: dirty fellow without shoes

Captain sharp: cheat, bully

Captain: head of a gang, bully

Cardigan: artilleryman form the Cardigan regiment of the Royal Garrison Artillery Reserves

Carrion hunters: undertakers

Carry the banner: tramp

Cash carrier: pimp, ponce, whore's minder

Cat: drunken, fighting prostitute

Catgut scraper: violin player

Chap: male (side note: also come to mean friend)

Chavy: child

Chaw-becons: countrymen, bumpkins

Chee-chee: half-castle, mixed race of British and Indian

Cheek: imaginary person, nobody

Chickster: flame, prostitute

Chit: small/frail woman (it is a derogatory term)

Choker/Gull a choker: clergyman

Chota wallah: little guy

Chum: bedfellow, companion 2)fellow prisoner

Chummy: clergyman, a sweep

Clergyman's daughter: prostitute or woman with loose morals (slang)

Cock chafer: prostitute, lady bird

Cock: mate, pal

Collector: a highway robber

Colt's tooth: elderly person of juvenile tastes, desire to stay young and live life over

Composer: person who writes or composes music

Cove: receiver of stolen goods

Covess of a ken: female keeper of a brothel

Crammer: a person who helps students cram for examinations

Coaker: dying person, doomsayer, complainer

Crony: a companion

Crowdsman: fiddler

Cub: young child

Cuffin queer: magistrate

Cur: sneak, coward

Cursion: broken lawyers, Newgate attorneys

Cussin: man

Dab: one who is clever

Dealer in queer: passers of bad money

Delicate: a person who is ill, fragile

Demander: one who gains monies through menace

Diddle cover: landlord of a gin shop

Dimber damber: the king of the canting crew

Dimwit: someone who is a bit stupid

Ding boy: a rogue, knave, sly fellow

Dizzy age: elderly

Dollymop/midinette: amateur or part-time street girl

Double-breasted water-butt smasher: a male athlete, man of fine bust

Dragsman: thief who steals from carriages

Draw latches: robbers of houses

Dromedary: a clumsy thief a young beginner

Dubber: a picker of locks

Duffer:  seller of supposedly stolen goods 2)cheating vendor or hawker. 

Duke of limbs: a deformed person

Dumber mot: an enchanting girl

Dummy: a stupid fellow, one who has nothing to say for himself

Dupe: a victim to artifice and misrepresentation

Elbow shaker: a dice rattler, a gambler

Equestrian: a person riding a horse

Eriffs: young thieves in training

Eve droppers: vagabonds who rob hen roosts

Exotic belly dancer

Fart Catcher: A valet or footman, from his walking behind his master or mistress.

Faulkner: a juggler, a tumbler

Fence: receiver of stolen goods

Figure: a little boy put in at a window to hand goods to his accomplice

Filly and foal: a young couple of lovers sauntering apart from the world.

Filly: a lady who goes racing pace in round dances

Flannel mouth: an overly smooth or fancy talker, especially politicians or salesman

Flapper: very immoral young girl in her early teens (1890s)

Flashman: a prostitute's bully 

Flat: a raw, an inexperienced fellow, a fool, a person who is easily deceived

Glazier: one that breaks windows and show glasses in order to steal goods exposed for sale

Glims flashy: a person in a passion

Gloak: a man, a half-wit

Go By The Ground: a little short person, man or woman

God wallah: priest or chaplain

Gooseberry-picker: a confidant in love matters, who shields the couple, and brings about interviews between them.

Gospel grinder:  A city missionary or scripture reader

Goth: a fool an idiot

Groaners: a sort of wretches who attend meetings, sighing and looking demure while their pals pick the pockets of those in the same pew. They also rub the congregation of their watches, as they are coining out of church exchange their hats for good ones jocosely called hat making steal prayer-books. 2) fellows who go around with street preachers, who, while the mock parson is preaching, they pick the pockets of the listeners

Gropers: blind men

Guinea pig: a fellow who receives a guinea for puffing off an unsound horse

Harridan: shrewish old woman

"Haw-haw toff: Swell, aristocrat

Hawks: swindlers, sharpers

Haybag: Woman 

Haymarket Hector: Pimp, ponce or whore's minder

Snidesman: coiner of counterfeitSnoozer:  A thief that specializes in robbing hotel rooms with sleeping guests. 

Snotter (Wipe-hauler): A pickpocket whose chief fancy is for gentlemen’s pocket-handkerchiefs.

Snotty: Midshipman [Royal Navy]Snow ball: a black man

Society maddists: Term to describe people not born in society, who devote their whole lives, and often fortunes, to get into society.

Soul driver: Methodist parson

Squeaker: a cross child, also a pot boy

Stale whimper: a bastard

Staller: an accomplice in picking of pockets by holding up the arms of persons

Star gazers: prostitutes who frequent hedge rows

Swaddler: a pitiful fellow, a Methodist preacher who preaches on the high road, when a number of people are assembled, his accomplices pick their pockets

Swell: An elegantly, or stylishly dressed gentleman

Swigs men: thieves who travel the country under colour of buying old clothes

Swindling gloak: a cheat

Tallymen: persons who let out clothes to saloon cyprians

Tamarhoo: a hackney coachman

Tatt men: fellows who get their living by attending the gaming tables and playing at dice

Tea Leaf:  thief  

Tea-leafing: petty opportune theft

Tea-pot: a negro

Teazer of catgut: a fiddler

Timber merchant: a match dealer

Toff: an elegantly, or stylishly dressed gentleman

Toffer: a superior whore

Tolo bun rig: persons who go about the country telling fortunes by signs, pretending to be deaf and dumb

Tooling: skilled pickpocket 

Tooth pickers: Irish watchmen's shillalies

Town toddlers: silly fellows taken in by sharpers at play

Toy getter: watch stealer

Tradesman: a shopkeeper; someone who buys and sells goods  2) a skilled worker, such as a carpenter or plumber

Translators: sellers of old boots and shoes

Traps: constables or thief takers

Trasseno: evil person 

Trooper: a blowing, prostitute

Trump: a good one, a jolly fellow

Turkey merchant: driver of turkeys

Twirlers: hawkers of men's and women's clothes

Twist (Twist  and Twirl): girl

Tyke boys: dog owners

Venture girl: poor young lady sent out to India to obtain a husband

Wanker: idiot

WAPSTRAW:a yokel, a countryman

Water pads: fellows who rob ships

Water-heaped: a sniveling fellow

Whiddler: a talkative fellow, an informer

Widow: a woman whose husband has died

Widower: a man whose wife has died

Wrangler: a debater

Yelper: a fellow who makes pitiful lamentations of trifles


Abram Cove: a naked or poor man, a sturdy beggar in rags

Ace-high: first class, respected

All set: desperate fellows, ready for any kind of mischief

Angelics: young unmarried ladies

Anglers/Starrers: an order of thieves who break show glasses in jeweller's windows to steal the goods

Arch rogue: the chief of a gang of thieves or gypsies

Autem mort/mot: a woman of the streets, a beggar, a prostitute

Baggage: slut, common prostitute

Barn-stomers: shitty actors who play in barns

Bean traps: genteel dressed sharpers

Bird scaring: Victorian children employed to scare away birds from eating the crops

Black beetles: the lower order of people

Blind harpers: itinerant vagabonds with harps

Blowing: prostitute

BOR: British Other Ranks, non-officer

Brevet: temporary higher rank, a captain being a brevet colonel

Buckskins: men in the fur trade

Bunter: low-life woman

Captain tober: first-rate highwayman

Chav: white trash

Conveyancers: thieves

Corinthians: men of rank

Costermonger: jackass boys, vendors of green

Diamond Squad: folks of quality big'ums

Didikko: gypsies, half-breed gypsies

Don: a distinguished, expert, cleaver person 2)a leader

Drapery Misses:  a pretty, a high-born, a fashionable young female

Funkers: the very lowest order of thieves

Genteel aristocrat

Lower class

Middle class

Strings of onions: the lower orders of society

Toerag: bum, vagrant

Trolls: the lowest order of prostitutes, followers of soldiers

Upper class: people whose families are rich and powerful, such as landowners, factory owners, or aristocrats (lords, earls)

Working class: people doing heavy manual work, usually for low wages, such as farm labourers, miners, builders and factory worker