Past or Present
Utopia or Dystopia
A world where steam rules all.


You are likely find yourself set in one of two key time lines: 19th century's British Victorian Era or American Wild West. Always with some type of alternate history. A world in which some of today's familiar technologies and scientific discovers are incorporated (often referred to as retrofuturism).

Although this too is starting to expand. More frequently steampunk has evolved to enwheel futuristic worlds, most often post-apocalyptic. A place where steam power has maintained mainstream usage.

One cannot forget the all-important fantasy worlds. Places that exist only in our minds.

Alternate world

Alternative History: involving theoretical possible world changing events that never happened in reality

American West

British Empire: many countries around the world which were under British control during Victoria's reign. The British Empire included large parts of North America, India, Africa and Australia

Cyberprep: a world that assumes that all the technological advancements of cyberpunk speculation have taken place but life is utopian rather than gritty and dangerous


Edwardian Era:referring to the reign of King Edward VII (1901 to 1910). Essentially marks the end of the Victorian era

Far East: geographical location far from Europe

Flying cities

Industrial Megacity

Long Reign: the definition of the "Victorian Era" in popular imagination

Near East:referring to a geographical location close to, but culturally distant from Europe

Neolithic Revolution: was the wide-scale transition of many human cultures from a lifestyle of hunting and gathering to one of agriculture and settlement, allowing the ability to support an increasingly large population

Neo-Victorian: aspects of Victorian culture are used out of the historical period

Old West: referring to or involving elements from the history of the American Frontier, generally from the time of the American Civil War to the end of the 19th century

Post-apocalyptic: a world where some cataclysm has precipitated the fall of civilization and steam power once again gains ascendancy

Regency Period: usually used to describe the transitionary period between the reign of King George III and Queen Victoria’s rule (1811 to 1820).

Retrofuturism: characterized by a blend of old-fashioned "retro" styles with futuristic technology, retrofuturism explores the themes of tension between past and future, and between the alienating and empowering effects of technology

Retro-futuristic: based either on the futuristic visions of past eras, especially from the first and second revolution technological-eras, or more recent extrapolations or exaggerations of the actual technology of those eras

The French War: how the French and Indian War was known during the Revolution, but seems to have been known by current name when the memoirs were published.

The Orient: to Victorians the countries that would now be considered the Middle East


Victorian: most properly of or pertaining to the British monarch Queen Victoria or the period of her reign (May 24, 1819 - January 22, 1901)