While packing for the journey, consider who you are and what activities you plan to partake in. You want to dress for comfort, convenience, and practicality. You will need to consider who else and what else you might encounter and what kind of environments you might find yourself in.

Perhaps while shopping you've decided to wear your best bib and tucker (your best clothes), but I caution that it may make you the perfect target for a dinger (pickpocket).

I find that I enjoy wondering around looking for wall flowers (secondhand, corky clothes, for sale). I try to avoid any duds/dunnage/togs/ (clothes) made from Baize (a coarse, woolen material resembling felt).

Aristocrat Style: what is thought to have been worn by middle class and higher social status Europeans in the Middle Ages, as will as the upper class in the 19th century

Lolita Fashion: the original silhouette is of a knee length skirt or dress with a "cupcake" shape associated by petticoats

Gothic Fashion: typically includes a pale complexion with coloured black hair, black lips, and black clothes. Both male and female goths wear dark eyeliner and dark fingernail polish.

Fallalish: pertaining to an article of clothing or piece of a dress that is excessively showy or fancy (fallal)

Spectacle glass: optical glass suited for making spectacles

Types of Headwear


Arctic Flap Hat: a hat with earflaps (can be sometimes be adjustable), often lined with fur

Beaver or tile: a generic term for hat

Bowler Hat: hard flat had with a rounded crown

Castor: a tile, a hat

Catafalque: high plumed hat, especially black feathers of great height. (popular in 1897)

Coal-scuttle: a large bonnet

Crush Cap

Curved Bowler

Deerstalker Hat: cap that is typically worn in rural areas for hunting

Donkey's Breakfast: a man's straw hat

Felt: hat

Havelock: cloth cap cover that hangs at the back  to protect the neck from sunlight

Leather Flight Helmet

Outback Hat

Pirate's bandana

Pitch Helmet

Straw Boater

Titfer/Titfertat: Hat

Topee: helmet (Hindi topi)


White Topper: white hat

Wool newsboy cap

Articles of Clothing

Agony in Red: Vermilion costume

Ammunition Boots: standard British Army issued footwear late 1880s - 1950s

Aviation Jacket

Bend: waistcoat. vest

Benjamin: a top coat, a great coat

Benjy: waistcoat

Bodices: highly-decorated corset-type item (has shoulder straps), often worn as outerwear over a peasant blouse

Body Bag: shirt

Box Coat: a large, loose-fitting overcoat worn by coachman

Breeches or knickers

Buntlings: petticoats

Bustier: a form fitting garment for women exclusively worn as underwear, push up the bust and tighten midriff

Bustle: a type of framework used to expand the fullness or support the drapery of the back of a woman's dress

Campaign Tunic

Carriage Coat

Clobber: uniform

Clod Hopper: a heavy ankle length or higher military boot often worn on the marsh or in boggy/ clay terrain

Cly or Clie: a pocket

Corset: an undergarment work to hold and train the torso into a desired shape for, most often, aesthetic purposes or, occasionally, for medical purposes. (worn by both men and women)

Corset Tops: modern corset that does up with bra-style hooks, lacing is purely decorative

Crabshells: shoes

Cravat: article of clothing that men wear around their neck

Cycling Breeches

Daisies: boots

Dishabille: night clothing, partial clothing

Drawers: stocking

Flight Jacket

Fork: a pocket

Gallied: boots

Garret: fob pocket waistcoat

Kecks: Trousers

Leather Boots

Low-slung pants

Mech Suit

Milltag: shirt

Overbust Corset: corset that goes over the chest, providing support of the bus and often created creating cleavage


Pea Coats

Petticoat: undergarment to be worn under a skirt or dress

Pit: inside front pocket

Suit of cover me properly: suit of fashionable clothes

Surtout: loose fitting overcoat

Tailcoat: a coat with the front of the shirt cut away, so as to leave only the rear section of the skirt, known as tails

Tog and Kicks: breeches and coat

Togman: a cloak

Tow Shirt: coarse linen shirt

Trotter Cases: Boots

Underbust Corset: sits directly under the bust, used to compress the waist rather than the chest

Upper Benjamin: an upper coat

Vampers: Stocking

Waist Clincher: a smaller version of the underbust corset that covers a smaller area, less boning to provide compression and not support

Waistcoat: sleeveless upper-body garment

Whistle and Flute: suit

Wide-legged Trousers


Barnacles: spectacles

Belly Cheat: apron

Billy: handkerchief, often silkBody Art: piercings and tattoos

Broad Arrow or Devil's Claw: arrow-like marking on a prison convict's uniform

Brolly: Umbrella

Donkey's Ear: a false collar

Dumbs: buttons and other Hawkers small wares

Fam or Fawney: ring

Filigree: a pocket watch

Flag: an apron

Fish: a cowboy's rain slicker

Fogle: a pocket handkerchief (silk)

Fumbles: gloves

Gaiters: garments worn over the shoe and lower pant legs, used primarily as personal equipment

Gauntlets: a stout glove with a long loose wrist



Gravney: a ring

Jerry: a watch

Kingsman: a coloured or black handkerchief

Luggers: ear rings

Body Modification: artificial body parts (mechanical)

Necktie: a long piece of cloth worn for decorative purposes around the neck, resting under the shirt collar knotted at the throat

Parasol: a device to shield the ladies from the sun (often used in Steampunk as a deadly weapon that emits gas or shoots poisonous darts

Reader: pocketbook or wallet

Sam Browne Belts:

Sleeve Garters

Sneezer: a pocket handkerchief

Spats: sputter guards, covering the instep and the ankle


Spittleonian: yellow  silk handkerchief

Stick fans: gloves

Tattler: watch/clock

Thimble or ticker: a watch

Toy and Tackle: watch and chain

Toy: watch

Yellowman: a yellow handkerchief