“Dreams don’t die, we kill them.” 
- Gene Kelly

What started as a dream to one day own a bookstore, turned into the reality of owning her own design business and becoming an author. Kristy Carey is a jewelry designer and author from Spokane Valley, Washington. Carey is a huge believer in never letting go our dreams, never let go of hers, she simply allowed it to mature as she did. “The bookstore kept me going until I was at a place where I could allow it to mature into something achievable,” says Carey.

A simple necklace with a fake skeleton key was all it took to hook Carey onto the possibilities of steampunk jewelry. After doing some research into the culture, she started buying clock parts, watches, and other miscellaneous oddities.  Carey loved the freedom and openness that steampunk offers. “No set color schemes or time lines. It was supposed to be around the Victorian Era, but it never felt trapped there,” says Carey. If you close your eyes while wearing one of her pieces, you might find yourself transported to an opium den in another timeline.

Unfortunately, she’s starting to think that the essence of steampunk is being lost when it comes to jewelry. “I noticed people being insanely picky about what ‘Steampunk was.’ I felt it got shiny and new. I was told the ‘punk’ wasn’t really apart of the genre,” she comments. Perhaps that is why she has tried to expand her designs into other areas than simply steampunk. Her designs are a part of her. They represent her brand. Ideally people should be able to look at a piece she’s created and say, “Kristy made this.”

Taking the old and making it beautiful is the slogan of her company Vintage Fusion Jewels. A place where she fuses together vintage and modern designs.

Carey’s advice to others is simple.

Don’t let others define what you love. Look at a subculture and see if you can find what I call the center of it. What elements seem to show up, no matter where you look? Good. That’s the heart of the… Whatever. From there, it can be shaped and altered, but always keep that center.

Book Titles

  • The Wandering Wizard
  • Daughters of Davit