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Steve Turnbull

Posted by Bronwen Strembiski on Monday, August 29, 2016, In : Feature Artist 

“Writing is harder for writers than anyone else.”

Author Steve Turnbull’s creativity has taken many forms over the years. After watching a BBC TV adaptation of Cider with Rosie, which contained some nudity, hormone-driven, teenage Turnbull decided to read the book. He found it interesting, but not in the way he expected. “I was swept along by the beautiful prose and I discovered language could be so much more than just words on a page.”

This revelation changed his outlook on Engli...

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Anders Blixt

Posted by Bronwen Strembiski on Sunday, July 31, 2016, In : Feature Artist 

“One step at a time will take you there.”
- Anders Blixt

Swedish author, Anders Blixt, tends to write “stories that look at grim aspects of our time through a dieselpunk prism.” He explains:

Since the 1970s I have lived in five countries on three continents and I have seen much misery close up. A lot of people in less privileged parts of Earth still do not enjoy the four fundamental liberties that Franklin Roosevelt proclaimed already in early 1941: freedom from fear, freedom from w...

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