“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”
- Richard Bach

W.K. Pomeroy is a third generation author, who has published a combination of more than 60, stories, poems, and articles. At the age of five he wrote his first story, he had no idea that his Grandfather was an author and wasn’t really aware that his father wrote movie reviews and non-fiction books.

Before reading the works by the French author Jules Verne, Pomeroy had never heard the term steampunk. Like many steampunk enthusiast he is tantalized by the inventions, the repurposing, and the overall creativity. “I am intrigued by the possibility of something seemly magical coming from thinking about something in a different way,” says Pomeroy. When incorporating steampunk into his writing, he enjoys the challenge of doing things differently than how they’ve been done before. He wants the reader to not only enjoy the story, but also to believe in the characters, the setting, and the plot.

One challenge with steampunk, is often as simple as coming up with a definition that others will agree upon and understand. “I explain steampunk like this: Imagine if at the turn of the century instead of moving toward petroleum and electricity the world turned to steam and springs,” says Pomeroy.

It wasn’t until working on Gears of Brass Anthology that Pomeroy really dove into the world of steampunk. There is now a sequel Anthology, Under a Brass Moon.

Pomeroy is currently in the re-editing phase of his first Science-Fiction Novel. “It uses relatively real technology (read that as, I’ve done a lot of research) to explore the idea of what it means for one person to be human and even more about what it might take for him to remain that way,” states Pomeroy. Once the work is complete he will send it off to an agent, with whom he’s already had some contact. When working with editors Pomeroy believes there needs to be a willingness on both sides to listen. This is especially important for the writer who can often be too close to their work and not willing to make the required changes; changed that may really improve the piece.

Even with all his writing projects, Pomeroy strives for balance in life. “I think Hemmingway was right that to write well you have to experience a lot of things and that is part of what I like to do,” comments Pomeroy. He enjoys writing, but even more he hopes to touch someone emotionally with his work; he wants his writing to make the reader feel something so real that the piece sticks with them. Perhaps this is why everything that he sees and does influences his writing.

Pomeroy’s work also appears in the following anthologies:
Adirondack Mysteries and other Mountain Tales 1 & 2    
Sweet Dreams & Night Terrors
Ghost have No Shadow (due to be released October 10, 2016)
Welcome To The Dance (due to be released in late 2016)
Adirondack Mysteries and other Mountain Tales 3 (due to be released Spring 2017